Pool Riverside Park

On 14th June 2015 Pool Riverside Park officially came into being.  This 16 acre area of land was gifted to the community by the Whiteley Family by trust deed in 1971.  Its purpose for the provision of recreational facilities of the inhabitants of Pool-in-Wharfedale and surrounding areas.

Over the years it has been very well used by residents and sporting groups alike.  The Recreation Grounds Management Committee (RGMC) oversees the park on behalf of the charity commission and ensures the grounds are kept in good order. 

You can find out more about the history of the grounds at website.


Pool Parish Council supports the park with an grant to assist with the costs of the many projects undertaken to maintain the grounds in their attractive and safe condition.

If you would like to know more about the park please contact the Chairman of the RGMC Richard Parker 

email: parkerinpool@talktalk.com
mobile: 07764 684 023 

Two interpretation maps have been placed on the Park to help you navigate your way around the grounds
Playground  Map located at the Shell Station entrance on Harrogate Rd
Cricket Pitch Map located at the entrance from the village hall car park on Arthington Lane