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Pool Recreation Spaces and Organisations

* Denotes fully owned by the Parish Council

Pool Feast June 23rd 2013

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Pool Memorial Hall Arthington Lane

Old Pool Bank Village Hall and Playground

Pool Methodist Hall

Pool Memorial Gardens and Cenotaph*

Stocks Hill*

The Chevin

Old Pool Bank Woodland* (lying to the south of the A660)

Pool Early Years Playground

Pool Skate Park*

Pool Parish Council Playground*

Pool Recreation Grounds

Pool Sports and Social Club

Pool Cricket Club

Pool Football Club

Pool Tennis Club

Pool Angling Club

Pool Recreation Ground Trust

Chairman: Richard Parker
Phone: 07764 684 023    email:
Secretary: Robert Calvert
Phone: 0113 2842582    email:

Pool has enviable recreational grounds sweeping around from behind Pool Memorial Hall on Arthington Lane. They embrace the cricket and football pitches and beyond through the woodland off Mill Lane and extend to the riverside from Pool Primary School boundary to Pool Bridge. Totalling 16 acres, this land was gifted by the Whiteley family to the people of Pool and surrounding area for recreational use by trust deed in 1972.

Pool Recreation Ground Management Committee (RGMC) is responsible for the management of the grounds and acts as landlord to the various groups making use of the many pitches and amenities.

 The RGMC is made up from trustees who are registered with the Charity Commission. The trustees are nominated by the many local groups and organisations listed in the trust deed with the intention of maintaining the original spirit of the trust.

Chair:          Richard Parker
Secretary:    Robert Calvert
Treasurer:  David Pilbeam
Trustee:      Ailsa Bearpark
Trustee:      John Porter
Trustee:      Pat Walker
Trustee:      Harry Wardman 

Pool Recreation Ground Management Committee - Annual Review  

Members of the Recreation Ground Management Committee (RGMC) meet every month to plan the maintenance of the grounds and ensure inhabitants of Pool and surrounding villages have good access to the area. Anyone wishing to come along to the first part of the meeting to raise issues or make enquiries of the committee will be most welcome. The meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday each month in the Village Hall meeting room. Many visitors admire the grounds and comment on their attractive appearance. The RGMC has been fortunate to have the support of dedicated members who work along side the paid groundsman and the various Sporting groups to keep the open areas, the river side and woodland in good order. In the past 12 months several projects have been successfully completed and are listed below. Pool Parish Council has kindly allocated funds to the Recreation Grounds to be used for projects that increase access and enhance its use. The funds have accrued in recent years from monies received from developers of new housing estates in the village. Following a vote by Pool villagers, suitable schemes were selected and the RGMC has overseen the work. 

Refurbishment of the Cricket Boundary Fence.

The improved fence and replacement gate has enhanced the appearance of the well cared for cricket pitch.

Installation of Reinforced pathways, Wooden Steps and Interpretation boards

The extension of our network of reinforced pathways and the re establishment of the two sets of wooden steps near the river has meant much safer routes can be taken around the area. The 2 fine interpretation boards are very informative and provide detail of attractive information points in the grounds.

Stream Management under the entranceway from Millcroft

In the autumn and winter months this area suffered badly due to flooding. Remedial work to address the blocked pipes including their realignment has proved very successful. The stream has been dredged of the silt and we are hopeful that this will negate future flooding

Woodland Management and Development.

Keeping an eye on the health of our trees is a essential. We have been careful to remove only trees that are dangerous and by taking expert advice on the replanting of trees where ever possible, we will ensure the longevity of the wooded areas.

Mill Lane Pond

This is the site of the original Mill Pond and the 12th century Corn Mill. This gem of a place receives the expert attention of Harry Wardman a long-time resident of Pool and valued member of the RGMC. It is easy to picture how it may have been in former times and a massive change to how it was only a few years ago. The flora and fauna in this area are all cared for by Harry and his family. It’s no wonder Harry was made an Honorary Citizen of Pool in 2010 for this and his many other good works.

Pool Recreation Ground Trust has a small income from the sporting groups using the grounds. The RGMC has been very grateful to receive a grant from the Parish Council towards the costs of maintaining the public areas. The members of Pool RGMC are all volunteers who give their time willingly to keep the grounds in good order but our funds are always stretched very thin. The RGMC would be delighted to receive any donations or help in keeping Pool Recreation Grounds available to all for many more years to come.                                                        

Pool Recreation Ground Management Committee