Pool Archivist

Published: 29 March 2022

Pool-in-Wharfedale Archivist


As villagers will know Pool-in-Wharfedale has a rich and well-documented history. Pat Lazenby our local historian and archivist has created an outstanding archive (held by the Parish Council) and a wonderful website through many years or hard work, research and a good deal of patience. Pat is retiring from looking after the website and archive and so the Parish Council now seeks a new enthusiastic volunteer, or two people sharing the role, to carry on looking after these local treasures and to continue maintaining and building the archive and website. Pat is willing to help out in the initial stages of taking over the role. Pat may well prove to be a hard act to follow but someone with an interest in local history will find the position both exciting and rewarding.


Anyone interested in becoming the Pool Archivist should in the first instance contact the parish clerk at clerk@poolparishcouncil.gov.uk