Parish Council Precept

Published: 10 March 2022

The Parish Council agreed at its Council Meeting on the 10th January 2022 to raise the Parish Precept by 4% from April 2022 for the financial year 2022-23. The Council considered the increase carefully and noted that it had not proposed any increase in this year’s budget 2021-22 due to the ongoing pandemic

The Council wishes to continue with its plans to refurbish council owned playgrounds and hopes in the coming year to install new equipment in the Early Years Playground. The Council also wants to protect existing budgets that are likely to feel the impact of inflation. In the coming year the Council also needs to spend a significant sum of money on repairing the Cenotaph, more on that later in the year.

 Whilst the 4% may seem a lot it represents a rise of £1.88 per year for Band D Council taxpayers. The Council enjoys the support it gets from the local community and aims to spend wisely within its limited budget.