Chairman's Diary

Each year Pool Parish Council Chairman attends a number of meetings and events to represent the parish of Pool in Wharfedale.

Annual Metings
Otley Community Council AGM

Otley Town Mayor Making Ceremony

Otley Town Council Remembrance Service and Parade

Bramhope and Carlton Parish Council Carol Service

Royal British Legion Poppy Launch in Leeds – Civic Reception at Civic Hall

Royal British Legion Service at St Giles Church Bramhope

Oakleaf Service – Leeds Parish Church – Support and Care after Road Death and Injury

Quarterly Meetings
Otley Town Partnership – representing the hinterland parishes

Chevin Management Committee

Countryside Pathways Committee

Otley and District Road Safety Committee Meetings

West Yorkshire Passenger Consultative Committee – member of WY Transport Authority

Focus Meetings
Arthington Station Area Parishes (ASAP) - a focus group wanting to reopen Arthington Station – including participation in Harrogate Business Forum