Honorary Citizens of Pool

Pool-in-Wharfedale Parish Council has recognised the contributions made to village life through the annual award of Honorary Citizen since 2006. The award is announced at the Annual Civic Service. The next Honorary Citizen Award will be in 2021.  

Nomination Form
Please either save this form to your computer and email the completed document to clerk@poolparishcouncil.gov.uk  or print, complete and return to the Clerk :John Ryan, 19 Ridgemount Road, Riddlesden, Bradford BD20 5DX.
 Mr and Mrs Aartse-Tuyn 2021

 Mr and Mrs Aartse are very community spirited. For several months now they have collected litter on Pool Bank New Road at the Dyneley Arms crossroads each week. Also, they collect fruit and make jam and sell it for charity. They belong to the Methodist Church and work within that for charitable causes. They have grandchildren at Pool School and have contributed their efforts to the school whenever it is required. They are both in their eighties and exceptionally deserving of this community award.


 Paula and Gary McNeil 2021

Paula and Gary McNeil are receiving this award as the owners of the Local Convenience Store.  They have impressed us all with the way they have served this community over the past months during the pandemic. Without their continued support and assistance this community would be greatly disadvantaged. They deserved to have recognition for their kindness and hard work over a very difficult period.

 Mrs Sue Cliff 2021 

 Sue Cliff has quietly made a lot of improvements to the neighbourhood of Old Pool Bank without even people being aware! She and her husband, Howard, enabled the permissive bridleway from the top of Old Pool Bank to Fells Wood by donating some of their land, planting a hedge and rebuilding the wall. They also worked to get the footpath resurfaced which leads from our neighbourhood onto Danefield and is used by dozens every day. It used to be permanently ankle deep in mud, but the stream has now been properly diverted into a channel, through pipes and the footpath surfaced with limestone. She was able to liaise with the owners of the Quarry Farm Road boundary wall to have it repaired after years of dilapidation. Sue is also a very efficient Treasurer of the O.P.B. Village Hall Management Committee. No doubt there are many other things she does we are unaware of seeing as she doesn’t advertise the fact! (and also has a friendly cheerful smile).

 eith 2019 

 Ms Moira Keith 2019

Moira has worked tirelessly for the community and is an outstanding and deserving Honorary Citizen. She is a well-respected member of the local community, active member of the church and leads Messy church for parents and children which is held in the Methodist Church, working well with members of both churches in the village. As a school governor she takes an active part in the life of the school and leads the Open Book Team which contributes to the Christian ethos of the school. Moira’s ability to bring the community together in helping to organise the Pool Feast this year is a fine example of her skills in relating to people and making things happen. Moira enthusiastically partakes in events within the village and surrounding area. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her, and she willingly helps others where and when she can.


 Mr Martin Lee  2017

 Parish Council was pleased to see Martin receive the Honorary Citizen Award for 2017. He received a large number of nominations, a good number more than other nominees. Martin is everything you would want in a good neighbour. He is famous locally for his excellent baking, which he produces for local events and for the pleasure of his neighbours. He will do all sorts of odd jobs for neighbours as well as taking people to hospital and doctor appointments. Nothing is too much trouble for this well respected and well liked good neighbour. He is of course very well known in the area and a very deserving Honorary Citizen.  

2015 Jim Smith

The 2015 Honorary Citizen of Pool-in-Wharfedale is the local milkman Jim Smith. The parish council received several nominations for Jim mentioning his fondness towards his customers, going the extra mile, never missing a delivery no matter what the weather conditions, delivering by sledge in snowy weather.

He is generous in his donations to local charities. The glowing remarks made by the people who nominated him were a delight to read. Jim was highly delighted and humbled to receive this honour when he accepted the trophy at the Parish Council Civic Service he was supported by his family.

2014 Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson is well known throughout the community for his service to Pool Amatuer Football Club. He has worked tirelessly promoting and supporting its success in all age groups. He has also put endless effort into village life through his support of Pool Village Memorial Hall and Pool Sports and Social Club. He paid tribute to the work his father had done in the village and to the Bev, his wife, in accepting the award. In the many nominations received his positive attitude and pleasant way with people was a theme that was repeated.

2013 Pat Walker
Sunday 13th October will be long remembered by Pat Walker as the date of her investiture as Honorary Citizen of Pool in Wharfedale at the Annual Civic Service in St Wilfrid's Parish Church. Following the service Pat was joined by her many village friends at an informal celebration in the Methodist Church Hall. A popular and worthy choice for this award she is recognised for her quiet commitment to all aspects of our Village life. As soon as Pat stepped down from her role as Parish Councillor at the beginning of 2013 she became eligible for nomination as Honorary Citizen. All those who know Pat well have not been surprised by her speedy elevation to this new status in our Village.

2012 Lorrie Clemie
On Sunday 14th October Mrs Lorrie Clemie was made an Honorary Citizen of Pool at the Pool in Wharfedale Annual Civic Service, held in Pool Methodist Church. Lorrie is a well-known figure in the community having given decades of service to many groups in Pool in a voluntary capacity. She has been a leading light in Pool Tennis Club, running classes for young people and for many years organised the annual entertainment for the Elderly in the village hall. She has also been a force behind Pool's entry in the Best Kept Village competition. On top of this Lorrie served on Pool Parish Council for more than 20 years but it is only since she stepped down from being a councillor that she became eligible for the award. Cllr Mrs Hazel Lee, Chairman of the Parish Council, was delighted to present Lorrie with her well-deserved award. 
2011 Margaret Plasting
Margaret Plasting has worked as a volunteer in the community of Pool with Otley Action for Older People for many years. Margaret is always on duty at the Wednesday lunch club held in the Methodist Hall each week and special mention was made by regular attendees of her caring and kind personality. Margaret was presented with the plaque by the Lord Mayor of Leeds,The Reverend Councillor Alan Taylor.

2010 Harry Wardman
Harry Wardman has worked hard to keep the river banks and Old Mill Site in order, building duckhouses and stocking the mill pond. He also cares for neighbours' gardens and is an unassuming member of the community.

2009 Pat Lazenby
Pat Lazenby has raised interest in the history of the parish, writing books and producing walking booklets. She was the instigator of the Conservation Area and the proud custodian of the Parish Archives.

2008 Roger Bareham
Roger Bareham, lay preacher and stalwart of the Methodist Church, is praised as a good friend and neighbour to many.

2007 Connie Cartwright
Connie Cartwright received many nominations for her role with the WI and the Village Hall supporting many in the village.

2006 Kendal Newby
Kendal Newby, our first honorary citizen and a former lengthsman gave many years of service to the Parish. Kendal sadly died in July 2010.